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Our friend and neighbour makes a living during the winter catching moles for local farmers, so when a mole moved in on our land, I decided to follow him with a camera to find out how it’s done.

I’m sure that (despite what Jasper Carrott says), there’s more than one way to catch a mole. However, this is what our friend does, and it seems to work well enough for him!


First you must find a place with two molehills close together. Then probe the ground with your heel or a stick, to find where the tunnel runs. (If you work your heel along in a line, there should be a place where the ground ‘gives’ a little. This tells you where to dig).


Then dig a small hole about half a spade depth deep, and push at the earth with your hands until you find where the mole’s tunnel enters and exits the hole you have just dug. Wear gloves to avoid contaminating the hole with your scent. If you find more than one entrance and exit, life just became far too complicated, so give up and move on to somewhere else!


Once you have the hole cleared out, and know the run of the tunnel, put some of the loose earth back in, and compact it to ‘re-make’ the base and walls of the tunnel in as natural a shape as possible.


The trap can then be set and inserted over the top of the tunnel / channel you just created.



Now wedge small pieces of turf at either end of the trap, to stop loose soil from filling the tunnel and trap during the next step.


Next, make a bank of earth around the trap, so you’re effectively re-making a hollow molehill.


Then loosely cover the trap with earth. It is apparently really important that all light and draughts are excluded.


Next replace the initial clump of turf you dug out, putting it back on upside down, and building loose earth around the edges, again to exclude light and draughts.

Finally mark the position of the trap. Here, we just used multi-coloured pieces of bailer twine tied to a 6″ long nail.


So….. if you’re lucky, when you return after a day or two, you should have caught your mole!


I guess there’s not much more I can add! Funny looking things though, aren’t they? 🙂


If you have any top tips for catching moles, or have any questions you’d like me to ask The Molecatcher, please leave a comment below!

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Photo from space?

Nope. Just the roof of my wife’s car on a particularly cold evening! 🙂


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