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Spring is definitely in the air…….  🙂




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Have you heard of “Balut” before? I found this link whilst searching for info on candling eggs.

Essentially it seems to involve hard boiling a 2/3 developed duck egg for eating [EEK!], and has been voted one of the six most terrifying foods in the world! Do read the first link above, as the method of incubation described is really interesting.

Anyhow, it got me thinking – isn’t it strange that in this country we’ll happily eat both eggs and adult ducks, but consider eating the stages in between totally gross? Balut is apparently considered a delicacy in the Philippines, and many other parts of Asia.

The results of my candling showed 5 out of 6 of our eggs would be just about ready for Baluting now. On second thoughts though, I think I’d rather leave them to hopefully hatch! 🙂

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