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I’ve just checked the calendar. Yes I have got it right – The Hubbards really are only a fortnight old! (well, 15 to 16 days to be precise).

Like seriously, these things fitted inside an egg two weeks ago?!?  They’ve got full wings and half tails now, and have just started growing breast feathers over the last couple of days.

Now, I know it’s hard to get an idea of scale from a photo, but that perch is made from a 2″x2″ piece of wood!  I even had to go down to the farm shop this afternoon to pick up more food, as the amount they’re eating seems to be increasing by 50% every couple of days. I’m still kinda freaked out by the whole thing to be honest. It’s just that I hadn’t expected them to grow literally whilst we watched on!

I guess I need to get their new run sorted out pronto, as in another week or two they’ll be ready to venture outside on good days.

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