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There’s definitely something funny going on with the peafowl at the moment. Normally, the white one roosts in the tree on the other side of the road, and I wonder what passing motorists must think if they pick him up in their headlights. It honestly looks as though somebody’s bride has got stuck up a tree!!

Well, last night, the two boys were having none of it, and insisted on roosting on top of the house. I could hear them pacing about as I was getting dressed this morning, so couldn’t resist going out with the camera.

“Heavy night lads?”

“Yeah, nearly got blown off the roof, what with that stupid tail of mine!”

Now I’d had a drink or two myself last night, what with it being Hogmanay and all, but when I came round the front of the house, I did do a double take, and wonder what on earth was going on!

“Oh, it’s just you two again?”

“Yes, we’re off to the January Sales in a bit, to buy new handbags”.

Honestly, it’s time I gave up drinking. It’s messing with my brain! 🙂

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