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Home Sweet Home!

No posts recently, as I’m afraid we’ve been far too busy firstly negotiating to buy a house, and more recently moving in!

The current trauma is that we moved all of our stuff up the road on Saturday (3″ of snow), but since then, another 2 feet has fallen, which has put the brakes on our final move. Still, at least we’re snowed in at the old house at the moment, which is where the chickens are. I wouldn’t fancy leaving them on their own for too long in this weather.

The previous owners of the house were very good, in that they also left us their old sofa, and Tom the cat to sit on it (don’t worry, he’s being looked after by a neighbour at the moment until the snow melts, and we can move in properly). He’s even got his own photo on his food carton – clever eh?

Unfortunately, we soon discovered that they were both infested with fleas. Tom was easy enough to treat with frontline, but we couldn’t be bothered fumigating the sofa, since our new one will hopefully be arriving in just a few weeks.

So how’s this for a temporary solution…….

Perhaps not up to date with current fire regs, but actually surprisingly comfortable, not to mention locally sourced AND biodegradable!! 🙂

Anyhow, we’re going to be really busy for the next few months moving in, and fixing the place up. However, the new house does come with a wee bit of land, so whilst it’s bound to curtail the hill walking and holidays a bit, it should also be fertile territory for some more smallholder tales and experiments – Watch this space!!! 🙂

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